Patios allow us to spend time in nature without leaving home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for everyday pollutants like pollen and dirt to collect on these hard surfaces, inviting harmful mold and mildew to develop. That’s one reason why cleaning your patio at regular intervals is an important part of home maintenance.

Pressure Washing a Patio Surface, Railings & Stucco

This homeowner called us to wash their elevated patio. In addition to all surfaces of the concrete patio itself, we cleaned the wrought iron banister, stone steps, stucco platform, and vinyl door frame. Each surface calls for a custom blend of soaps, as well as a selection of the right power washing technique that will be the most effective while doing no damage to the property.

Check out some of the before and afters:

Elevated Patio before and after stucco pressure wash elevated patio surface before and after pressure washing before and after patio power wash

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