Soft Washing for Decks

The forces of weather can be devastating to wood. Rain, snow, and morning dew are quickly absorbed by unprotected wood, causing it to swell. The dampness attracts pollen and fungal spores, which collect and cause ugly discoloration. When the sun’s heat dries the wood, it shrinks. These cycles of wet and dry, swelling and shrinking cause wood to warp, split, crack, and become unattractive. That’s where deck power washing can help.

“Pressure-treated” deck does not mean weatherproofed

The majority of decks are made with pressure-treated wood. Pressure-treated wood is protected against wood rot and termites, but pressure treatment can’t give the wood protection against the weather.

Solid stains & painted decks (where you cannot see the wood grain) are not easily stripped.

Painted Deck CleaningThese decks need prep cleaning. This process can be used on plastic and composite decks without causing damage. Prep cleaning removes mold, mildew, and dirt but does not remove stains, paints, or sealants. All decks should have a sealant or stain applied to protect them from rain and sun. We at Rolling Suds are experts at using all types of sealants and stains for your deck.

Rolling Suds will power wash your deck, removing mold, algae, dirt, and UV-damaged wood fibers.

Most decks need to be stripped to remove old sealants and stains. Rolling Suds uses a chemical stripper that is safe for surrounding plants.

Composite Decking

Composite deck cleaning in PA, NJ, DEComposite decks can easily be cleaned if you use the right chemicals to prep clean the boards before power washing. Even though composite decks are very durable it is important to use low pressure to avoid damaging the material. Proper prep cleaning is important for thorough cleaning without using high pressure.


Before and after power washing a deck in Hatboro Before and after deck Before and after power washing a deck in chalfont