Starting a power-washing and soft-washing franchise is a great opportunity for many individuals, couples, partners, and families! Who would be the ideal owner/owners of a Rolling Suds Franchise? Take a look!

Owner/Operator Partners


  • Spouses / Couple – one in the field / one in the office.
  • Siblings – joint ownership.
  • Good friends – leveraging individual skills and creativity to build the business.





Single Owner Operator

single owner
  • Energetic and hungry – have proven themselves in another service business but are ready to go out on their own, grow and learn from us to get going faster!





Expanding Current Business

business owner

  • Existing business owners who want to expand and add on this service
  • Do not have the expertise in-house to do it
  • Ready to follow Rolling Suds best practices
  • General Contractors, Landscapers, Lawn Care – “Green” industries

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