Stucco adds a layer of textural interest to your home, but it also provides lots of nooks and crannies for dirt, pollen, and other contaminants to collect. Soft washing your stucco home is the best way to remove dirt.

Compared with surfaces like concrete, stucco is a fairly delicate material and can be damaged with high pressure washing. When we soft wash stucco, we rely on a custom chemical solution that is plant and animal safe.

Before and After Washing a Stucco Home

When we wash stucco, we want to keep the pressure low. If we go too high, we can cause damage. That’s why we mix a custom blend of chemicals that we apply to the surface, instead of relying on water pressure.

After we let the soap do its work, we rinse it away to reveal the clean and sparkling stucco underneath.

before and after a stucco soft wash

This stucco home was due for a cleaning, but we needed to be careful not to use too much pressure. As you can see, we were still able to get the house looking as good as new!

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